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Handicap/Disability Parking Permits:

Applications to receive a Handicap Parking Permit (Officially known as "Disability Parking Permits") may be picked up at the Glen Cove Police Department or downloaded from the NYS DMV website (Click here to download application). You must apply in person in order to be issued a permit.  Mailed applications are not accepted.

The Glen Cove Police Department only issues Disability Parking Permits to Glen Cove Residents.  Along with the signed application, bring a valid NYS Driver’s License or DMV Non-Driver’s ID.  If you do not have either, the following is accepted as proof of residency in Glen Cove:  copy of a city tax bill, Glen Cove Library Card, or an invoice with your name and address on it.

The doctor’s original signature must be on the application.  A note from the doctor on a prescription form is not acceptable.

If you received your permit from the Glen Cove Police Department and your permit is lost or stolen, come to the police station and a new one will be issued. 

Please note:  Disability Parking Permits are issued to an individual, not a vehicle.  The disabled person may use their parking permit in any vehicle they are in, whether they are the driver or a passenger.