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All fingerprinting is performed by the Police Department Detective Division. ONLY RESIDENTS OF THE CITY OF GLEN COVE are eligible for fingerprinting at Glen Cove Police Headquarters. Persons residing outside the City limits must contact the police department of jurisdiction where they reside.

The police department does not supply fingerprint cards. Anyone coming in for fingerprints must supply their own printcards. Printcards are available from the organization requesting fingerprints.

Contact the Detective Division at (516) 676-1002 to request fingerprints when you are available to come into Headquarters. If a detective is available for prints, you will be asked to respond immediately to 1 Bridge Street. If a detective is unavailable, you must call back at a later time. THE DETECTIVE DIVISION DOES NOT MAKE APPOINTMENTS FOR FINGERPRINTS. The fee for fingerprints is $20.00 per card payable by exact change cash only.

If you need fingerprints as part of an application for a City of Glen Cove taxi driver's license, you MUST first contact the police clerks at (516) 676-1892 in order to obtain the required paperwork.